Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Calumet-Sag Trail Groundbreaking

I attended the Calumet-Sag Trail Dedication Ceremony on Saturday, June 6, 2009. The Calumet-Sag Trail is a multi-use path built along the banks of the Calumet-Sag Channel and Calumet River that spans 32-miles and crosses 14 communities from Lemont to Burnham, Illinois. The trail should be officially open by 2012. This trail will not only connect communities but will provide these communities with a place to go to explore the outdoors, to walk, jog, bicycle, and appreciate nature. For more information on the Calumet-Sag Trail please visit the Friends of the Calumet-Sag Trail Website.

Here I am with Executive Director of the MWRDGC, Richard Lanyon.

Here I am with other members of the community at the groundbreaking ceremony.

Here I am next to one of the MWRDGC's sidestream elevated pool aeration (SEPA) stations. There are numerous SEPA stations located along the Calumet-Sag Channel. These SEPA stations or waterfalls were designed both to enhance the surrounding scenery and to improve the quality of the water. The Calumet-Sag Trail will also provide us with both enhanced scenery and a better quality of life. Just like our SEPA stations improve water quality by exercising the water to provide dissolved oxygen to stagnant water which allows fish and wildlife to flourish, the Cal-Sag trail will provide a better quality of life by providing communities a place to exercise, which helps keep people healthy and joyful.

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